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Cellulite: how to identify it?

Dear reader,

There are many ways to recognize the stage of cellulite. What I want to tell you today is really particular, it’s called contact thermography. This device will not hurt you nor will your body be flooded with who knows what strange electrical flows.

In fact, the main features of this method of analysis is summarized in the application of simple slabs on the areas which will change color according to the type of blemish found.

The causes of the development of cellulite are many; among the best known we can mention estrogens (female hormones that are characterized by their ability to retain liquids), an unregulated lifestyle, an incorrect diet (for example rich in fat and salt) and unhealthy habits.

This leads to an increase in the volume of the adipocytes which compress the blood vessels and arteries, compromising circulation and thus leading to a progressive lowering of the body temperature of the legs with subsequent stasis, which gives rise to the typical orange peel effect.

There are various solutions: we have already seen both aesthetic and aesthetic medical approaches, as well as a series of cosmetic treatments but, in order to be able to choose the most suitable treatment, it is advisable to start from the base, i.e. an analysis that allows us to know the stage of the cellulite that, in its initial condition, is still invisible to the naked eye.

To establish the type of cellulite, the stage in which it is found (absent, oedematous cellulite, fibrous cellulite, sclerotic cellulite) and the most suitable treatment, my dear friend, I advise you to carry out an examination called “contact thermography”: a methodology which allows a very accurate analysis of the subcutaneous tissue (think that it allows to highlight the presence of the disorder even when not yet visible to the naked eye or palpable).

It is a non-invasive, simple and fast examination based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates which, once placed on the skin, allow to illustrate, in a few seconds, the situation of the underlying tissues through high-definition color images.

Since the examination is non-invasive, it is possible to repeat it several times (even after each treatment, to see if it is really effective for our body or if it is necessary to change the type of approach).

Remember Kahlil Gibran’s words when he says that “beauty is the eternity contemplating itself in the mirror and we are the eternity and the mirror.”

Good-bye, my dear friend,

Isa Skincare