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Goodbye Cellulite: How Physical Activity Becomes Your Best Friend

Dear reader,

Have you already taken the cellulite self-analysis test? If you want to share it, I’m here ready to read your results! As you well know, I’m here to tell you about and suggest solutions to fight cellulite, and today I have good news for you: physical activity is here to help you! Not only is it a smart choice for maintaining good overall health, but it can also work wonders for reducing pesky orange peel skin. So, sit back, grab some green tea, and discover how physical activity will become your best friend in this fight!

1. Burn Fat: goodbye orange peel skin

Physical activity is the key to burning excess body fat, the main culprit behind cellulite. When you exercise, your body becomes a fat-burning machine, burning calories and melting away those pesky fat deposits. So when you start to notice your jeans fit better, you’ll thank your friend, for exercising.

2. Healthy muscles and smoother skin

Resistance training will not only make you feel stronger and toned, but it will also help firm your muscles. Healthy, well-developed muscles provide extra support to your skin, making cellulite less visible. So, no more unwanted ripples!

3. A boost to circulation

Physical activity improves blood circulation, benefiting your skin. Improved circulation helps remove toxins and brings more nutrients to your skin cells, reducing swelling and improving the appearance of your skin. Your physical activity friend will ensure that your body is in tip-top shape, both inside and out.

4. Good mood and stress reduction

Do you know what makes physical activity even more special? It has a positive impact on your mind. Physical activity releases endorphins, the happy hormones, which will make you feel more relaxed and positive. Less stress means more radiant skin and less chance of developing cellulite.

5. A Friend you can count on

Physical activity is a reliable ally in your battle against cellulite. He will never betray you! All you have to do is commit to a regular program, mixing aerobic and resistance training. Start with one step at a time and you will see the results begin to appear.

6. Hydration and nutrition friendly

Accompany your friend, physical activity, with adequate hydration, and a healthy diet. Water keeps your skin hydrated, while a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins helps reduce fat buildup and improve your skin.

Today, my dear friend, I would like to share with you my training plan that I do every morning. It was hard at first, but then it became my routine.

With heels up: I start my cellulite exercises with this. I stand up, place my hands on the wall, and bend one leg backward, touching my buttocks with my heel. If you want to amplify your efforts and, consequently, your results, stand on tiptoe with your supporting leg. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg.

Toned glutes: For these cellulite exercises you will need a yoga mat. Lay it on the ground and get on your knees, placing your hands on the ground. The exercise consists of raising one leg at a time, and extending it: for the exercise to be done well, you must feel tension in the gluteal muscle. Again, repeat the exercise 10 times on each leg.

Legs without cellulite: You can finish this mini circuit of exercises against cellulite with this movement. Sit on the floor. With your hands resting behind your back, keep your torso and legs straight. Just lift your legs off the floor. Maintain this position with one leg, while bringing the other towards your chest. Alternate this movement, like a bicycle. This exercise must also be repeated ten times for each leg.

Alongside these specific exercises against cellulite, it is essential to carry out light physical activity that is not exclusively targeted at the areas most affected by cellulite. For this reason, it is advisable to start with long walks. No running: just walking, because the impact of the foot on the ground has repercussions not only on the joints but also on the membranes of the fat cells which, when broken, lead to the formation of lactic acid, an ally of cellulite. In this case, the keyword is to reactivate the circulation: the exercises against cellulite are targeted because, through a few simple movements, you will help improve the health of your body and your skin, which will be able to say goodbye to the unsightly orange peel skin. The last gem I would like to tell you is to ask your nutritionist if he can carry out the treatment on your body check with thermographic plates, so you too will see your real cellulite and adiposity situation. So, dearest, physical activity is your best friend when it comes to fighting cellulite. Start moving, smile, and embrace your new smoother, more toned skin. The road may be long, but your friend will never leave you alone. One day, you will look in the mirror and be surprised at the results!

Because remember that sport doesn’t make you live longer, but it makes you live younger!

Celine Science.