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Epsom: Epsom salt to reduce cellulite!

Dear reader,

For most of us summer holidays are over. After tasting the typical cooking of the places we have visited, exploring flavours and learning new combinations of ingredients, it is time to take care of our body again.

My dear friends, have you already tried the cellulite test on this blog? The test we thought and created just for you!

Today I want to tell you about a useful though relaxing method that every woman wants and that, with little, she can indulge in: Epsom salt baths.

Epsom is a small English town located in the southeast of the island and belongs to the London metropolitan area.

Magnesium sulphate was first isolated here. Legend has it that its discovery dates back to the early seventeenth century by some shepherds who found a pool of water contaminated by this precious mineral.

One of the most effective methods to combat cellulite is a good bath of Epsom salt: a natural method to eliminate swelling in the legs and erase their tiredness.

The ingredient of this method is easily available at a low price, so it is really worth indulging in this natural anti-cellulite cure!

English salt (epsomite, or Epsom salt) is a naturally occurring mineral also known as bitter salt. In the past it was used as a laxative, thanks to the irritating effect it has on the intestines, while today it is also used for baths to reduce body oedema.

The effect of English salt is to deflate the legs and eliminate water retention, giving a drier appearance to the line of the legs, managing to fight orange peel skin. The result will also be immediate relief from tired and swollen legs!

Epsom salt is generally a good remedy to purify the body as it works by eliminating toxins and giving relief from annoying pains due to tiredness.

For the treatment of the salt bath against cellulite, about 500 g of Epsom salt are necessary.

The procedure is very simple: just add the Epsom salt to the hot water in your bathtub and immerse yourself in it for about 30 minutes, relaxing!

After the salt bath, refresh with running water and dry yourself by gently rubbing your body with a towel.

If you carry out this cellulite treatment in the evening, it is advisable to wear cotton clothes, because in this way the treatment continues during sleep, since the body is led to sweat and therefore further eliminates the toxins that retain excess liquids.

I would also like to give you another suggestion: ask your beauty specialist to perform a thermo check with a thermographic device so that you can both supervise the progress of the treatments you are undergoing and calibrate the treatments on your physical characteristics, such as measure out the amount of Epsom salt.

My dear friends, a beauty treatment is not only suffering and patience, it can also be regal, pleasant and liberating, because we are all queens and we must treat ourselves as such. Epsom salt is easy to find and in a few days you can receive it comfortably at home.

Remember, my dear friend, the words of the writer Maura Grignolo, that “being perfect shouldn’t make you feel bad, being beautiful shouldn’t send you to the hospital”: each of us is beautiful because we are unique, and each of us is the queen of our own life.

See you soon!

Celine Science