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Intralipotherapy, a different way to fight adiposity

Dear reader,

Localized adiposities are accumulations of fat that are deposited in specific areas of the body such as hips, thighs, and buttocks, representing an annoying aesthetic and functional problem.

Today I would like to tell you about a non-surgical liposuction technique called adipocytolysis (or, more commonly, intralipotherapy), an aesthetic medicine methodology that, to date, represents one of the most effective medical techniques for the non-surgical treatment of localized fat deposits in subjects who do not want to undergo liposuction surgery.

Intralipotherapy consists of the injection of a medical solution into the subcutaneous adipose tissue: this drug will generate the lysis of the adipose cells which will be disposed of through the urine. Given the type of treatment, it can only be performed by medical personnel.

Before carrying out this treatment, it is necessary to carry out a series of blood tests (for the evaluation of the liver, heart and kidneys) and it is advisable to analyze the cellulite using contact thermography to determine its stage (this treatment, in fact, is not suitable in case of sclerotic cellulitis).

For the intralipotherapy treatment, anesthesia is not necessary since microscopic needles are used, however, it is normal to feel a slight burning or a tingling sensation both during the treatment and in the following hours. It is possible to return to one’s activities immediately but we recommend wearing covering clothes because small edemas or bruises could form as a direct consequence of the treatment.

At least 4 sessions spaced 15-30 days apart are necessary (also for this reason it is essential to use a medical center that can check the progress of the results using contact thermography).

Intralipotherapy is a definitive solution to the problem of cellulite but we would like to remind you that if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle combined with a balanced diet, the imperfection can recur.

Remember my dear reader that beyond all the treatments we can resort to, Fabrizio Caramaglia reminds us that “She was beautiful, but not beautiful for her eyes and her lips, not for her straight legs and her curves sinuous, she was beautiful because she had a magic inside, one of those that if you meet her on the street she also freezes time”.

Exalt what you are before exalting what you wish to appear.

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