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Cellulite type test

Answer the 9 questions to find out what your cellulite type is. The purpose of the test is purely informative and has no scientific value.

Find out your type of cellulite! Take the test…

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1. How old are you?

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2. Are you in line with your ideal weight?

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3. Do you practice fitness?

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4. Do you use or have you used anti-cellulite treatments?

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5. When did cellulite appear?

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6. When do you see cellulite?

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7. To the touch, the skin feels…

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8. Press the skin for 10 seconds: it looks …

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9. Do you feel pain when tightening the skin?

Precise detection

What are the tools and technologies that allow the precise detection of cellulite?

Contact thermography is based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates, which have the property of changing color due to temperature change.

By placing these plates on the body, it is possible to detect the skin temperature (which reflects what is happening in the underlying tissues) and therefore to highlight, through colour images, the presence or absence of the typical signs of cellulite.

The first applications of contact thermography in the 70s is in the medical field (mass screening of breast pathologies, and other investigative actions in sectors such as rheumatology, angiology, sports medicine, and many others). More recently, this method has been adopted in the aesthetic field for the early detection and classification of the thermal aspects of cellulite.

Useful for identifying the parts of the body most subject to fat accumulation: the probe allows to detect the depth and the stratification of the adipose tissue. Unlike contact thermography, ultrasound turns out to be more expensive, especially in terms of costs, without however guaranteeing a more precise detection compared to thermographic plates.

An experienced medical professional and/or aesthetician may be able to assess the stage of cellulite. However, an assessment without a technological support can lead to mistaken evaluations.